This vintage fashion boutique specializes in ladies’ and men’s, the sixties and seventies, clothing. However, you will always be able to find something pre-sixties and post-seventies, in their clothing stock. This fashion establishment has grown its reputation, to be one of the most popular vintage fashion outlets.

The high quality of this, very unique, styles of garments, the affordable prices, and the wonderful, friendly staff make this a well-loved fashion store.

You will not find rows of old musty leather jackets or tired looking sweatshirts hanging around in this fashion boutique. They search only for pieces of clothing that will make the person wearing it, look fantastic, one of a kind unique and fabulous.

The ladies working at this store have gained a lot of experience in the industry of vintage clothing. They also do like to wear the vintage look, and you will always find them wearing clothing that is as cool as the items on the shop rails. Their years of experience ensure that you will find only the best items of clothing, marvellous shoes, and wonderful accessories that are on offer.

Fashion connoisseurs, stylists, party-goers and retro dressers, have all been in love with “what the butler wore”.