Finding the Best Dress for Your Body Shape

The key to finding the best dress for you is by embracing your body shape. There’s no need to hire a stylist, nor you have to change the way you look. You see, most women think negatively when it comes to loving their body. However, when you learn how to appreciate your body shape, finding something that fits for you will be a piece of cake.

Balance is All You Need

Still unsure? You need to learn how you look like and start appreciating it. Women come in different shapes and sizes; be it apple-shaped, pear-shaped, and more. The goal here is to look at your best and as balanced as it can be. Meaning, your shoulders, and hips are in line, while your bust and waist are defined.

Apple-Shaped Body Dresses

If you’re a woman that has an apple-shaped body, then here’s a guide on finding a dress for you:

  • Find a dress that has a split on the waist. It’ll look good on your figure.
  • V-necks is also a necessary addition as well.
  • Dresses that are fitted under your bust and sits below your knee is an ideal one.
  • Avoid dresses that are bulky on the bust, waist, and tummy area.

Now that we have that in mind listed below are the dresses.

Halter Dress

  • From the word “halter,” this dress has a halter neck that draws attention away from your middle area. It also has a straight cut and has an equal amount of length, making you look slimmer, creating an illusion of a slimmer figure. The Alfani printed halter neck dress is available at Macy’s for about $60. The length of the dress goes down below the knee, which is suited for apple-shaped women.

Pear-Shaped Body Dresses

For a pear-body shape, consider the following tips:

  • Find a dress that makes your waistline more visible.
  • Opt for a dress that has a pattern on the top part of your body such as your shoulders.
  • Dropped waistlines should be avoided as it only makes your hips wider to look at.
  • Find a style that is flowy and loose that skims over the hip area.

Empire Waist Dress

  • For pear-shaped bodies, an empire waist dress is highly recommended. The Rachel Pally empire dress that’s available at Neiman Marcus is best suited for pear-shaped women. It has a kimono-style sleeve that is flowy enough for you to move your arms freely. It also draws attention to your upper half, thus, making your shoulders look wider, which complements your wider hips. The Rachel Pally empire dress is available in black or white color and goes around for about $230.

Inverted Triangle Dresses

Women with this kind of body have broader shoulders and narrow hips, consider the following tips to find the best dress for inverted triangle body shape:

  • Find a dress that makes your lower body look broader.
  • Dropped waistline dresses go best for this body shape as it creates balance to your wider top half.
  • To balance your lower half, find a waist tie or belt that can create a straight silhouette to add volume and detail.
  • Sleeveless and strapless dress work well with this body shape.

Dropped Waistline Dress

  • The pint drop waist dress by Nicole Miller is best suited for inverted triangle-shaped women. The dress emphasis the top half of your body. For a twist, add a belt to define your waist. Sizes can range from 0 to 14 and are available for around $300.


The hourglass is the most flexible body shape, and finding the dress for it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Find a dress that emphasizes the natural curves of your hourglass body.
  • Body-con, wrap, and tailored style dresses go best for hourglass-shaped bodies and will make you stand out from the rest.

V-Neck Dress

  • Make the most out of your hourglass figure by wearing V-neck dresses by Likely, which is available at Nordstorm. It comes in either classic black or myrtle green and comes with an affordable price tag of $190. The dress is durable enough that can stand the test of time, making it a bang for your buck. I highly recommend the black color to create a slimmer look and streamlined silhouette.

Ruffle Dress

  • Another one is the orange tea dress for ASOS, which is a v-neck dress with backless detail. It also has a tie in the waist to get that gorgeous feminine silhouette. What’s best is its affordable price tag that’s priced about $70 and are available from size zero to fourteen.

Straight-Figured Shape

A body type that lacks curves needs to find a dress by considering the following:

  • Opt for a dress that creates a waistline and puts emphasis on your shoulder and hips.
  • Above the knee mini-skirts suits best for this body shape.
  • A halter neckline can widen the shoulders, while a full-skirted dress gives that extra volume in the lower half of your body.

Wrap Dress

  • Diane Von Furstenburg offers a wide variety of dresses that are suited for straight-figured bodies. However, it comes with a costly price tag starting from $570. However, the price speaks for itself because of its durability and gorgeous floral design. Sizes can range from 0 to 10. It also has a tie waist that can bring definition to that area to give you that curvy feminine look.

Full-Figured Body Shape

This one depends on your body’s proportions. There may be areas that you want to conceal and some areas that you want to show off to create that perfectly balanced figure.

  • Find a dress that hides the most unwanted parts of your body while creating shape and definition at the same time.
  • Dresses that go below knee level and has sleeves is suited well for full-figured women.

Plus-Sized Dress

The best thing about plus-sized dress is being affordable with style. The Ashley Stewart printed Maxi dress is the perfect fit for plus-sized women. The price? It is available for around $40 and starts in size 12 up to size 32. This dress is nipped under the bust which gives definition. It skims over your thighs and legs, giving you that comfortable feel of not too tight nor too loose.

If you have to go to pricier options, then the Fit and Flare Dress by London Times is what you need. Its priced at $150 and starts at size 14 through size 22. It has a nipped-in waist paired with black lace trim, giving you that hourglass figure while concealing any problem areas.