Inappropriate Business Attire Women Should Not Wear

Just because it’s “formal-looking” doesn’t mean it’s ok to wear it inside your workplace. This is a common mistake that every working woman have may have faced when it comes to choosing work attired. Keep in mind that wearing the right clothing will make you look professional and can help your image being a businesswoman as well.

Every company has its own dress code. And it’s vital to follow such to avoid any trouble. They even have dress codes in certain schools, let alone inside your workplace. Since women have so many clothing options to choose from, it can be a challenge which one suits you best without looking like a potato in your office. With that said, listed below are some inappropriate business attire every woman should avoid wearing.

  • Mini Skirts

  • Skirts up to the knee shouldn’t be a problem. However, skirts that are so short that the bat cave is almost exposed is definitely something that you should avoid wearing. Whatever the situation is, make sure that your thighs are covered, both standing or sitting.
  • Mariana Trench Necklines

  • Deep neckline is a no-go as work attire. If it shows too much cleavage, then avoid wearing those. There’s always a right time for everything, and showing it off at work is not the time for “that.” If you have a low-cut shirt, then use an accessory such as a camisole that you can wear beneath it. They come in a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from.
  • Tight Clothing

  • Whatever it is, be it tight slacks, skirts, or tops, it will make you look unprofessional. In the corporate world, the way you dress matters. And it won’t help if you look like a tightened sushi walking around inside the office. Tight clothing will give males a wrong impression about you as well, leading to harassment.
  • Denim

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, there are higher quality denim that almost looked like slacks. But even if you have the priciest and fanciest denim around, it just won’t fit inside your workplace after all. Remember, you are working inside an office, not wandering around the park.
  • Stilettos

  • High heels can make you taller and more confident, which makes it an important shoe factor for short women. Heels that are two to three inches are perfectly fine. But if you opt for higher than that, then remember that you are not in a fashion show of some sorts. It will just look out of place and distracting if you do wear towering-heeled shoes inside the office.
  • More Examples

  • Here are more inappropriate business attires ladies should avoid:
  1. Sneakers – these just won’t fit inside your office at all.
  2. Shorts – you’re outside, not at your home.
  3. Spaghetti straps – stop trying to be sexy. Be professional!
  4. Athletic apparel – there’s always time for doing sports, not inside the office.
  5. Sweatshirts – only wear them once you’re outside the office and if it’s freezing.
  6. Sundress – you’re not going to the beach, keep that in mind.

Wearing Proper Professional Attire

The way you dress can make an impact on your image inside the workplace. And by wearing the proper clothing, you will be well-respected, and your fellow workmates will treat you seriously. Professional business attire will make you confident and will open myriads of doors of opportunities right in front of you.