Look Gorgeous with These Steampunk Fashion Style for Women

The steampunk era has raided women fashion. Thanks to its industrial punk look with a Victorian twist, no wonder that more women have opted for this style of clothing. Steampunk is a fashion style that shouldn’t be overlooked. Its cool details here and there make it a worthy addition to your closet. So how do we achieve this kind of fashion style? Let’s read on down below.

Must-Try Steampunk Trends

  1. Victorian Menswear Styling

  • Steampunk blurs the line between masculinity and femininity, making it a versatile fashion trend. The Victorian Menswear styling is a steampunk style that’s designed to suit for a female body. To achieve this, take a look at the following tips below.
  • Wear a women’s jacket with clasps. One example is the Chic Star Women’s Tuxedo with Tails from Atomic Cherry. This jacket is made from cotton and features six buttons that are fully lined. Pair this with a skirt and a corset or just slap in some jeans for a more subtle steampunk look.
  • Don’t forget to add a top hat such as the Low Top Hot that’s available at the HatCrafters.com. This classic top hat comes in a variety of colors such as black, gray, brown, and tan that fits to head sizes 6 7/8 up to 7 7/8. This top hat goes well with a full-fledge Victorian costume and is priced at a whopping $80.
  • Pair all of these with a tuxedo shirt to complete your Victorian menswear look. Tuxedo shirts that are available from J.Crew are made from a sheer fabric that is comfortable to wear on. The size ranged from 00 through 16 and priced for about $90.
  1. Leather Galore

  • Steampunk loves leather, lots and lots of leather. Almost everything steampunk related involves leather starting from the little details such as the straps and belt down to the whole outfit itself.
  • The Key Jacket from Rebel Market gives that ultimate steampunk look. Made from faux leather and featuring tiny details such as tails and metallic embellishments, the jacket itself takes you to a whole new level of steampunk and Victorian goodness. It’s priced at $100 and is affordable enough for those who want to get that steampunk look without hurting your wallet.
  • There is also leather corset as well that you can wear on over a blouse or knit skirt. The Shaper Corset Leather Buster from Amazon is the perfect choice for that. You can also pair it with jeans and a jacket and hop on into those laced boots for that ultimate steampunk look. It is priced at a costly $130 and has sizes ranging from 34 through 56.
  1. High-Contrast Stripes

  • High-contrast strips have been an icon in the Victorian era and have made its way to be part of the steampunk madness. To incorporate stripes on your steampunk look, follow this simple guide below:
  • The Tess Striped Moto Jacket from BCGC has that horizontal stripe pattern that looks like a perfect mix of modern and Victorian. It is best paired with a corset along with a black capris. It’s priced at $1200 and comes in three sizes; small, medium, large.
  • Striped skirts such as the one from Zara looks beautiful if you pair it with a tuxedo jacket and cross-laced boots. The best part? It’s priced extremely affordable, starting from $20 and comes in three sizes as well; small, medium, large.
  1. Clockwork Design

  • Steampunk screams mechanical and industrial patterns. That’s why clockwork prints are most commonly seen in steampunk clothing. Want to achieve that clockwork look? Follow this one simple tip:
  • The Steampunk Dragon Layered Top is an affordable clockwork-layered shirt for those who want that steampunk goodness in a budget. The neckline and sleeves have a lace that is light and gorgeous to look at, complementing the overall design of the shirt. Patterns involve a dragon made of gears and lots of clockwork imagery in every corner of the shirt. For just $30, you can get this shirt at your preferred online store.
  1. Skirts and Corsets

  • This list won’t be complete without bustle skirts and corsets. Back in the Victorian era, bustle skirts and corsets are a thing because of its unique look. Over the years, it has been redesigned with shortened hemlines and implemented with industrial hardware to go with that. Try some of the tips below!
  • Pair your trendy jeans with a corset matched with industrial-style clasps. You can get one on Amazon for only $60. However, it only comes at a single size, which is 22. It’s made from brocade fabric, quality steel boning, and cool clasp hardware to get that ultimate steampunk corset look.
  • For high-low hemline skirts, the Loren Skirt from Ladies Emporium is a must-buy. It has a subtle gray stripe pattern that flounces and is filled with Victorian charm. It’s priced at $80 and comes in different size variants ranging from small down to 3X.