Seven Tips to Shop for Your Shape

Skinny or plus sized, there are no rules when it comes to wearing anything you want. There’s always a size for everyone. With a diverse collection of clothes designed for different sizes, shopping for your shape shouldn’t be a challenge as long as you stay positive about your body.

Remember the days where there are certain rules when it comes to fashion? Like crop tops should only be worn by skinny ladies, or oversized shirts is only for plus-sized people? Say goodbye to that and greet hello to a world of “I want it, I got it” (notice the Ariana Grande reference?). With that said, let’s dive in to the tips on shopping for your body shape down below.

  1. Explore Different Sizes

  • Clothes are made according to different measurements, thus, creating various sizes for all of us. However, there are some woman that wants to stay on “that” size and get offended when forced to try on more than what they are used to. This mindset should be avoided, and trying on something be it upsize or downsize should be something that you don’t have to be afraid of. If you feel the need to try on more than you need to, then go on. Wear everything you want according to your liking, not what the label says.
  1. Scout the Internet for Your Blogger Body Twin

  • The internet is filled with fashion bloggers, all sharing plethora of content according to the body size they have. So if you’re struggling on finding the “right” clothing for you, then finding a fashion blogger that have the same size as yours should be an option. This will give you an idea what a specific clothing would look like on your body, especially when you can see them wear that trendy dress or shirt you’ve been eyeing on for days.
  1. Your Own Measurements Is Your Friend

  • Opting for online shopping is a trickier thing to do compared to shopping on actual stores. Knowing that you have no chance of trying them before buying, guessing is your only option. Of course, we don’t want to order online and be disappointed once it came just like what we see on “online shopping” memes. However, if you know your own measurements, it will help you get the right size that fits to your build.
  1. Get to Know Your Fabric Choices

  • Knowing your fabrics is the key when shopping for your shape. This is because not all fabrics are the same. Some stretch, some don’t, and so on. If you have large arms, for example, you need to examine what kind of fabric is used on the sleeves of that favorite shirt you have in hand. Stretchy fabrics is the way to go for that, or you can opt for a flowy sleeve just like what is used for a kimono.
  1. Recognize Different Cuts

  • Yeah, we can wear whatever we want, but it all boils down to knowing how a specific clothing is cut so that it’ll fit your body size. There are times where plus-sized women can’t wear straight-cut dresses, so opting for an A-line cut is the only option. After all, it’s all about knowing what you “exactly” need. Not forcing something that doesn’t fit nicely on you at all.
  1. Get Out of Your Shell

  • Don’t be confined on wearing one kind of style only. If you want to find the size you’ve been looking for, then step out of your comfort zone. Try a color you don’t normally wear on, or slap on that dress even if you haven’t worn one ever since. It’s always ideal to explore what’s beyond the boundaries of your own personal favorite. You never know, that garment you don’t usually wear on will be your next favorite thing inside your closet.
  1. Loving Your Body

  • Fashion shopping is all about trial and error. It’s either you get what you want, or you ponder and compensate why that “one” doesn’t fit you. What you need is to build confidence and love your body. The only thing that’s stopping you is your negative mindset. Keep all those negative things at bay. They said if you don’t let it out, you’re gonna let it eat you away. As long as you stay positive, shopping can be a walk in the park no matter your size is.