What Outfit to Wear for Your Summer Escapades

Wearing the right outfit for your summer adventures can make your getaway more enjoyable while you look fabulous at the same time. And from the word “summer,” one should expect that this is the time where the sun is mostly out. So expect that the weather can be scorching hot at some time. That’s why choosing the proper outfit is crucial.

In addition to the outfits, packing wisely is just as important on choosing what to wear. It’s also ideal for packing outfits that don’t need a lot of ironing as well, garnering you more time of relaxation once you get to your summer destination. As well as packing the only ones you need will save you space for you to travel lighter. With that said, here are the best summer outfits every woman should wear.

  • Summer Dresses/Skirts

  • Opt for warm dresses and skirts that is breathy and airy for a comfortable feel. Make sure that you choose those “wrinkle-free” dresses and skirts to save you time from ironing them once you get them out of your luggage. White is a clean-looking color. But if you’re mostly spending time at the beach, try other vibrant colors as well, especially deep blue. Here are some styles that work well for your summer escapade:
  • Long/short sundresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • Mini dresses
  • Halter-top dresses
  • Linen

  • Keep in mind that linen is a wrinkle-prone type of fabric, so it’s best to keep them at a minimal number. Pack a linen two-piece skirt or slacks suit if you’re going to dressier occasions. Fancy wearing a tank top? Pair that with a jacket to make it more stylish or whatever suits you. Linen in white color works best, but you can opt for other colors such as well like coral, black, taupe, and chocolate.
  • Shorts & Capri Pants

  • There’s a wide selection of material and colors for both shorts and capris, so choosing one shouldn’t be a problem as there are a lot of options available. Ranging from floral patterns down to funky prints making it the perfect summer attire to catch some attention. For younger women, short shorts will look best, but you can also opt for Bermuda shorts and capris if you don’t want to show off too much skin.
  • Tops

  • There’s a plethora of summer outfit tops that women can play around with, all tailored for ladies in different ages. Listed below are the best tops for women to get that fabulous summer look.
  • Tanktop
  • Tube top
  • Halter top
  • Empire-waisted top
  • Wrap shirt (with/without sleeves)
  • Button-down shirt (with/without sleeves)
  • Bathing Suits/Cover-Ups

  • Of course, last but not least, the bathing suits. Who wants to plunge into the water while wearing t-shirts? No one! So before you fly, don’t forget to pack a couple of bathing suits that suits you and your body type.

Additional Packing Tips

These tips will help you out to make packing a breeze and keep the hassle at bay.

  • Opt for complementary colors: It’s best to pick colors that complement with one another. This allows you to mix and match them and see which fits well to this or that. It also gives your luggage some space since you won’t be packing those ones with colors you don’t have to wear.
  • Do an Itinerary check: It’s better to plan which outfit to bring depending on the activities you’re going to do during the trip. By doing so, you will pack less, leaving unnecessary outfits at home. Thus, saving you more time and less hassle.
  • Pack properly: Don’t just sack all your things into the bag! You need to arrange them properly in an orderly manner to maximize luggage space, making you fit more than you need.

Ready to Go!

You’re now set to spend the rest of the month and get your much-needed summer break! As long as you pack wisely, and wear the right clothing depending on the situation you’re in, then you are ready to go. Have a great summer vacation and seize the moment!