What to Wear and NOT to Wear during Fall Season

Transitioning your outfit style from one season to another is important to keep the chill in the air at bay, keeping yourself nice and cozy. This is crucial during fall, the time of the year where nature gets ready for winter.  However, don’t just pick any outfit you want. There are some DOs and DON’TS of getting your fashion statement right during fall season.

The Dos

  1. Appropriate Footwear is a Must

  • Fall is that time of the year where the wind gets chilly, the sun is out but not that much as cloud was surrounding its rays. And also, wearing flip flops during this season looks uncomfortable, and can make your feet get chilly as you go outside. So invest in a pair of ankle boots for outdoor use.
  1. Wear Trendy Fall Colors

  • To get the best out of the autumn atmosphere by wearing clothing that complements the season. Colors include light blue shades, spruced up yellow colors, bright purples, and pinks. Trying something new and different never hurts.
  1. Dress in Layers

  • Fend off the chill of the season by layering your clothes. Fluctuating temperatures is a thing in fall, not just in winter. So do yourself a favor and keep yourself warm by dressing in layers if you have the need to go outside.
  1. Dare to Step Further

  • Don’t confine your mindset on wearing only your “favorite” clothes no matter the season is. It’s always ideal to try something new and dare to be different. This will help you go beyond your comfort zone and find new favorites along the way. And also, make sure that everything you wear is appropriate for fall season.
  1. Mix and Match to Get the Perfect Match

  • Sometimes, you don’t need to go into the shopping store to dress according to season. Your wardrobe is the key on getting that new trendy seasonal style you’ve been eyeing on. You just need to dig deeper into your closet and find a pair of items that go well together and voila!
  1. Add Seasonal Style to Your Favorite Clothing

  • We like to cling on to something that we already know and love. Can’t let go of your signature style? Spruce it up by adding seasonal elements that matches your personal taste. What’s important is you look glamorous no matter where you go, even if you’re jumping on that pile of dead leaves outside your neighbors home.
  1. Fall Essentials Galore

  • Fall essentials such as scarves, sweater, outerwear, boots, leggings, tights, and among others is a welcome addition to spice up your seasonal fashion. Not only it’ll keep you warm, it will make you look gorgeous as well.


  • Having Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad
  • That saying is true in the world of fashion as well. Don’t go overboard by wearing multiple trendy items at once. You will look like a coat rack, not a person by doing so. Keep trendy pieces at minimal and then you’re good!
  • Storing All of Your Summer Clothing Out of Sight
  • This is definitely a thing you should avoid. Most of your summer clothes can be worn again for fall so it’s ideal to keep some of them at sight. You can use them as layers, or pair them with tights or leggings. Have a long and floaty skirt? You can pair it with a pullover sweatshirt to get that trendy fall season look.
  • Exposing Too Much Skin
  • Fall is a chilly season, and wearing lesser clothes that exposes too much of your skin is a recipe for disaster. Keep the crop tops and mini-skirts at bay during fall and wear something that covers half of your entirety.
  • Wearing Unfitting Clothes
  • Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean you have to follow that thing. What does that gain you? More Instagram followers? Stop that! Even the most gorgeous looking seasonal outfit won’t make you look good if you have a body size that doesn’t go with it. Try something else that looks great on your skin and body shape.
  • Wearing Tight Pants
  • Trying to be a model during this time of the year? Then you need to get yourself check. Do yourself a favor and get a pair of thicker leggings to keep you warm and stylish as soon as autumn closes in.
  • Opting for Darker Colors
  • Don’t stick to darker colors during the fall. Of course, we can’t deny that darker colors such as marigold, green, orange, brown, and the like looks good in the season. But there are plenty of other options as well that allows you to deviate from the traditional colors that you are used to.